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My favorite hobby: gardening, the best stress relief. Pets: the closest thing I had to pets were a couple of kefir grains. Clothing: business casual / business professional attire since my early teenage years. Favorite place in the world: Budapest, Hungary, sitting in front of the Parliament overlooking the Danube river at night. Favorite book: Wuthering Heights Favorite line from favorite movie: Revolutionary Road:  ‘And you know what’s so good about the truth? Everyone knows what it is however long they’ve lived without it. No one forgets the truth, Frank, they just get better at lying’. Things I love: the scent of fall on a thick, foggy October morning. Things I fear: butterflies, the more colorful the worse. Cherished childhood memories: summer ...

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Board of Directors Spotlight: Kelsey Schuerger – Council of School Presidents Director standard

Hello! I am Kelsey Schuerger and I am your Council of School Presidents’ Director of the Ohio Student Nurses Association. I just graduated from Cuyahoga Community College with my ADN and officially passed the NCLEX!  I am now job searching in the Cleveland area and am so excited to start my career as a nurse!  Now that the school year has begun, everyone is deciding how to balance their time.  For me, joining OhSNA has been a wise investment of my time and a really rewarding experience.  Let me tell you a bit more about the work I do as your COSP director. Time commitment/week: 2-3 hours/week.  We meet as a board monthly, sometimes in person and sometimes on a ...

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NCLEX Tips standard

To study for the NCLEX this past June I spent about two weeks with various study materials (Books, online materials, etc.) During those two weeks I broke down all the content into sections like adult health, women’s health, pharmacy, pediatrics, etc. For the topics that I needed to review the most I would spend 2-3 days on that information. Then for topics I felt confident in, I would spend only 1-2 days reviewing. To review each section I found it was best to review all the information I had and then test myself on it. After I tested I would go over the information I missed. If I did well I would move on, If not I would continue on ...

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What is the OhSNA House of Delegates? standard

The house of delegates consists of several components, all conducted in a strict meeting format, Robert’s Rules of Order. The house of delegates meets only once a year at the OhSNA Annual Convention. Essentially, all of the official business of the OhSNA chapter will be conducted during the House of Delegates sessions. Each director and officer will give their final report during the initial meeting and have a chance to introduce themselves to the delegates and members in attendance. Another major component is that nominations will be taken from the floor for board positions, and the candidates that have pre-slated will be announced during the house of delegates. There will be a time for new business in which any OhSNA ...

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Infant Mortality standard

What are some statistics that the United States and a third world country may have in common? Preventable disease? Poverty? Starvation? Lack of education? No. The United States mirrors many undeveloped nations in our infant mortality rates. We find ourselves behind most other western ally nations and we can’t seem to stem the problem. Countries like Japan and Norway, have infant mortality rates of 2.13 and 2.48 per 1000 live births, respectively. They have found a way to prevent infant deaths to record low numbers while the problem still worsens in certain US populations. The United States has an infant mortality rate of 6.17 per 1000 live births, which puts us behind countries like Cuba who are at 4.7 per ...

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New Ohio Law Streamlines APRN Care. link

From the PR Newswire New Ohio Law to Streamline Patient Care, Cut Back on Patient Wait TimesNew law removes unnecessary APRN barriers to practice COLUMBUS, Ohio, July 21, 2015 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — Governor John Kasich signed into law last Friday Senate Bill 110, which allows Advanced Practice Registered Nurses to provide more efficient care for their patients. APRNs include Certified Nurse Practitioners, Certified Nurse Midwives, Clinical Nurse Specialists and Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists. Under current law, a prescribing APRN may only authorize a registered nurse to administer medication.  The new law allows other qualified health professionals, such as medical assistants, the ability to administer medications at the direction of the APRN who is physically present. “This new law removes unnecessary regulatory restrictions ...

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