How to Start a Chapter

How to Start a New Chapter

Would you like to start a chapter at your school? We are here to help!

1.Fill out a Start A Chapter request with NSNA (CLICK HERE)

2.Then, find a faculty advisor(s)

a. Advisor must be at every meeting!

3.Write some bylaws

a. Customize NSNA (CLICK HERE) or OhSNA bylaws (CLICK HERE) to fit your school’s needs

4. Plan your first informational meeting (invite everyone)

a. You need at the very least 10 members (NSNA)

b. Tell them about SNA and what you plan to do this semester!

c. Provide information about board positions

5.Hold office elections

a. Anyone can run!

b. Have the candidates state why they want the position

c. Have the crowd ask them questions

d. Vote! (have candidates leave the room)

6.Hold your first official meeting

a. Officers should be present along with students

b. Each officer will present their mission and any updates

c. Students are encouraged to contribute ideas and help with planning

Questions? Contact

Success Stories – Kent State 

Members of the Kent SNA

The nursing students of Kent State University (KSU) are proud to announce a new local chapter of National Student Nurses Association (NSNA), named Kent State University Student Nurses Association (KSU-SNA). On February 4, 2016, the hard work of these students paid off when KSU student government approved their application for recognition as a student organization. The purpose of this organization is to enhance the student nurse experience by offering leadership experience, resume building, networking and opportunities for community involvement. The students recognize that building strong local chapters will lead to a stronger state chapter. Membership in the NSNA and participation on a state level in the Ohio Student Nurses Association (OhSNA) is highly encouraged. Look for KSU-SNA on Facebook soon!

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