Council of School Presidents Committee

The Council of School President’s Committee is focused on establishing productive communication between the leaders of over 90 nursing schools across Ohio.  Nursing school is challenging, but with the help of our leaders we can take advantage of each others’ skills, resources, and ideas.  If you’re a leader at your nursing school please contact us to get involved!

Layne Sullivan – Chair

Alexandria Taylor

Tiffany Wylie

Mary Vitullo – Ex-Officio


The Council of School President’s Committee strives to facilitate communication between all of the local Student Nurse Association chapters throughout Ohio. Working together, we can provide local chapter presidents with the information and resources to lead their nursing students to success.


As your Council of School President’s Chair, I am committed to collaborating with nursing leaders both at the local and state level to bring fresh and relevant resources to the table. I believe that by collaborating as nursing students and leaders we can push each other to provide the highest quality of patient care while taking pride in our work. We all know that nursing school is extremely challenging, but when we work together to share our resources we can achieve what sometimes feels impossible! This committee is prepared to give you our all, but we need your help. I encourage you to get involved and push yourself to your greatest potential.


1.Establish an efficient way to communicate between Deans of Nursing across Ohio for the 2016-2017 year.
2.Provide resources to school leaders in regards to OhSNA membership, convention attendance, and the newest resources for successful students.
3.Survey OhSNA members of all of the local chapters to determine what needs we as a committee can meet.

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